Sony PlayStation 5: Specification, Price, Release Date News, First-look and more

Sony PlayStation 5: Specifications, Price, Release Date News, First-look and more

After years of waiting, the ninth generation of gaming console, the Sony PlayStation 5 is finally going to launch soon. Last month, PlayStation 5 was finally revealed by Sony. Sony claims that the new PlayStation 5 is going to launch in late 2020. This time Sony made lots and lots of changes not only with the software but also with hardware and design of the new gaming console. The new PlayStation 5 really looks new and very different from the previous versions of PlayStation, PlayStation 5 has a new and very unique looking design with lots of new features. This time there will be two PS5 consoles at launch, the standard PS5 and the fully digital version PS5 Digital Edition: 


This article is all about Sony Playstation 5: Release Date, Specification, Price, News, First-look and more:

PlayStation 5 Design

PlayStation 5 looks really different from its previous versions, the new PS5 has a curvy design with black and white plastic and with the blue highlights. PlayStation 5 stands vertically as you can see in the official picture. It also looks substantially thinner than the regular PlayStation models. The PS5 controller is also having the same colour theme with the same mixture of black and white and the blue highlights.

So this is sure that we are going to witness the absolutely new PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5 Features

The new PS5's loading speed for the game could be very less, thanks to the SSD enabled system and improved hardware. The PS5 gamepad is a DualSense controller which adds a few new tricks as well. The PS5 gamepad also has a built-in microphone to let you voice chat with your gaming partners without a headset, but this feature could be a privacy concern for many users. The new gamepad has improved force feedback with the new adaptive triggers.

Features like 3D audio and 8K video support are also packed with the new PlayStation 5 to provide the best gaming experience. The PS5 also supports PlayStation 4 backward compatibility to some extent.

PlayStation 5 Specifications

Sony officially announced the PS5 specs in March. The PlayStation 5 is based on AMD Zen-2 CPU, 8 cores at 3.5 GHz with 16 GB of GDDR 6 memory and a custom RDNA 2 AMD GPU that put out 10.28 TFLOPs of processing power. The PS5 comes with the built-in 4K Blue-Ray and also supports resolution up to 8K. And there are so many other features are also available like backward compatibility and 3D audio.


AMD Zen 2-based CPU with 8 cores at 3.5 GHz


Custom RDNA 2 (10.28 TFLOPs, 36 Cus at 2.23 GHz)

Storage type



16GB GDDR6/256-bit


825 GB

Resolution support

Up to 8K, 4K Blue-ray at 120Hz refresh rate, 3D audio

PSVR support


PlayStation 5 Games

According to Sony Corporation, many popular games are being designed specifically for the PlayStation 5, which is going to release with the PS5. Games like Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart and Horizon: Forbidden West is coming out with the new PS5. Resident Evil VIII: Village will also be released with the PS5. Some popular third-party games are also going to launch with the PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5 Accessories

A charging stand for the DualSense gamepad, a remote for media, high definition headset with 3D audio, these accessories are going to launch officially with the new PlayStation 5.

As we know VR gaming support is also there but the Sony hasn’t shown any VR headset with the new console yet, it would be better for Sony as well as for the users to launch VR headset with the PS5.

PlayStation 5 Price

There is no official announcement from Sony yet regarding the pricing of the PlayStation 5. But according to some leaks and rumours, the Sony PlayStation 5 will cost around $400 to $500 (approx 30,000 to 40,000 Indian Rupees).

It would be interesting to see how Sony is going to put the price tag for the PS5 especially in this global pandemic situation.

PlayStation 5 Release Date

According to Sony itself, PlayStation 5 is ready to be launched during the American festive holidays. But this could change due to the COVID-19 situation. All the console gamers around the world are waiting for the PlayStation 5, but no firm released date has been announced yet. 

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