LED TV vs. OLED TV: Which is better in 2021


LED TV vs. OLED TV: Which is better in 2021

There was a time when buying a TV for our home was simple; we only had to decide on the brand and size of the TV, and that was it; all televisions back then were bulky and boxy, but that is no longer the case; today, buying a TV is very confusing; we have so many options in terms of brand, size, audio type, video type such as full HD or 4K or even 8K, or different types of panels like LED or OLED and more.

Today in this article we are going to clear one of the confusion for buying the new TV, we are going to see a comparison between LED vs. OLED TV, advantages and disadvantages, we’ll see  which one is better in 2021. Shall we? 


LED stands for light emitting diode, and LED TVs are made up of a backlight LCD panel, which is made up of pixels, and a backlight that works behind the LCD panel to show the visuals. The backlight glows and makes the LCD's pixels shine, and you see an image or a video from the front.

Advantages of LED TV

Many LED TVs use a VA panel (vertical alignment), which has good colour contrast and can get very bright. LED TVs are also less expensive than OLED TVs. LED televisions require less electricity and consume less energy. LED TVs are durable and have a long life span; they are also slimmer and come in a variety of sizes.

LED TVs are ideal for those who live in a bright environment and want a TV without spending huge money, LED TVs can get quite bright, viewing TV in a bright environment will not create a problem.

Disadvantages of LED TV

LED TVs' major drawback is their black level, so if you want to watch TV in complete darkness, you should avoid them.

Backlight illuminates a screen to display a picture, but there is no distinct light for each pixel, resulting in poor black levels. As a result, LED TV blacks appear greyish, especially when viewed from the sides.


Organic light emitting diode (OLED) televisions were first introduced in 2013.

OLED TVs differ significantly from typical LED TVs. Each pixel in an OLED TV has its own light source and is self-lit.

Advantages of OLED TV

Because of the self-lit technology, pixels can turn off completely when black emerges, resulting in blacks on the screen that are no longer greyish.

Blacks appear to be perfect.

If you enjoy watching movies in complete darkness, an OLED TV is for you. OLED TVs are also great for larger rooms due to their wide viewing angles. OLED TVs also provide the finest colour contrast. OLED TVs are not power hogs because they consume less energy.

Disadvantages of OLED TV

When it comes to picture quality, an OLED TV is the best you can get in 2021, however there are some disadvantages to consider when buying one: OLED TVs are not inexpensive, and they are still rather pricey in 2021.

OLED TVs are difficult to operate since they are easily damaged.

Pixel burn is still a huge issue with OLED TVs; if you watch the same type of content, watch the same channel, or play the same video game for an extended period of time every day, there's a good risk that pixels in your pricey OLED TV will be burned. 

OLED TVs are also not very bright, they might be difficult to watch in a bright environment.

Which is better LED TV or OLED TV

You've seen how LED and OLED TVs each have their own set of benefits and drawbacks.

If you don't want to spend a lot of money but yet want a good TV, go with an LED TV because they are both inexpensive and easy to maintain.

If you have the money and want high-end video quality, an OLED TV is a good choice. However, keep in mind that they are not particularly durable, and repair costs can be rather costly. Avoid an OLED TV if you have a bright room or children who like to play with water guns.

Best LED TVs to buy:

Sony Bravia  4K android TV

Samsung 4K Crystal 43-inch

Sony Bravia 4K XR-J

Best OLED TV to buy:

Sony Bravia OLED android TV


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