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Why Linux is better than Windows


Why Linux is better than Windows

In the world of computers, we always choose the finest option from a wide range of brands, software, size, design, and computer types.

But there is one thing about which we don't have a lot of options, and that is the computer's operating system.

We certainly have the option of selecting the OS that best suits our needs, but most people choose to stick to the only two choices: Apple's exclusive Mac OS or Microsoft Windows. 

You may or may not be aware of it, but there is another legendary operating system on the market: Linux.

Linux is one of the oldest, most powerful and secure operating systems on the market.

For the time being, we'll ignore the comparison between Linux and Mac OS, but in this post, you'll learn why Linux is better than Windows.

Shall we?

Better Security

Even though Windows has its own built-in anti-virus programme, when the users buys a computer with Windows out of the box, the first thing they do is install/purchase an anti-virus to make the system secure.

However, there is no need to be concerned about viruses or malware with Linux OS thanks to its high-level security and privacy features that keeps a computer safe from virus attacks and hackers

It's not that Linux is unhackable; the point is that the number of Windows users is much higher than the number of Linux users, which is why most hackers and virus creators target Windows. Also, most Linux users have a strong understanding of computers, so they know how to avoid these issues.

Free access OS

Yes, Linux is completely free to use, unlike Microsoft Windows.

To instal Linux on your system, all you need is a stable internet connection and a source.

Most Linux distributions are simple to install, and you can even try some distros (such as Ubuntu, Pop OS, and Fedora) without installing them, which is really handy.

Variety of Distributions

There are numerous Linux distributions (flavours) available.

Install Elementary OS, Pop OS, or Linux Mint if you want something light and easy to use, these distros are light and easy to use and are ideal for low-end or old systems.

Install Ubuntu, Deepin OS, or Garuda Linux (a gaming Linux OS) if you are an advanced user looking for a beautiful looking operating system with advanced features, and Kali Linux, the so-called hacker's operating system, if you are a cyber expert with deep knowledge of computers and software and want to do hacking.

Among the many Linux distributions available, these are some of the most well-known, making Linux OS the better option.

Highly customizable

We've already discussed how you may choose from a variety of Linux distributions, each of which offers a unique user interface and set of capabilities, but Linux OS customization is not restricted to this.

You can change practically everything in the Linux operating system, and you may customise it to your liking. There are many extensions and themes available to help you customise the look and feel of the operating system.

Better community support

Microsoft Windows support is adequate, but due to its open-source nature, Linux support is significantly superior.

Linux is an open-source operating system, which means that most of its problems are easy to address. You just need to be a bit smart with computers to fix the issue.

Because the software is open-source, any computer expert can detect and repair the bug.

The average Linux user does not rely on officials to solve their problems.

You can ask a question or search to find how to fix your problem, and there's a good chance that the answer has already been discussed, or if it hasn't, any computer enthusiast will assist you by responding to your question, which raises Linux community assistance.

Software Updates

If you use Windows, you already know that Windows updates are a nightmare; usually, every update causes your system to become problematic, requiring another update to repair.

You won't be able to use your computer during the Windows upgrade since it may take too long and require multiple reboots.

This is why Windows users despise updating their operating system.

However, with the Linux operating system, software updates are simple to install, and you are not forced to update your system on a regular basis.

The best part is that most Linux updates do not necessitate a system reboot, allowing you to stay focused on your work while updating.

Consider the following:

So we talked a lot about why Linux is better than Windows, but everything has pros and cons, and Linux is no exception. Let's look at some of the issues you'll face if you go from Windows to Linux:

Shall we?

The Linux operating system is not simple to operate; you must have a detailed understanding of computer software and hardware.

The terminal (command-based) does most of the work, thus you'll need to learn the Linux commands.

Before installing any Linux distribution, you must have accurate information on your system's hardware, software, and drivers.

Check to see if your system configurations support the Linux operating system.

If you only want to play high-end games, Windows is the best option.

Despite the fact that Linux currently has good gaming support thanks to Steam, and you can play many Windows games on it, Linux is still not recommended for gaming.

Many Windows Softwares are not officially supported by the Linux operating system; nevertheless, Linux has its own softwares, the majority of which is free and simple to use.

On the Linux operating system, you'll be given an alternate option for any non-supported applications.

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