Why PC gaming is better than console gaming?

Why PC gaming is better than console gaming?

There was a time when video gaming is just a source of an entertainment and time pass but now it has become a source of income for many professional gamers. Nowadays gaming is one of the most popular and trending sources of entertainment all over the world. Professional gamers are earning money by streaming their gameplay over social platforms. Mobile games are becoming very popular because there is no need to spend a lot of money to play games. Many gamers stream their gameplay via smartphone.
There are many debates going on over video gaming. But one of the most interesting and popular debates in the gaming industry is PC vs. Console. PC and Consoles have been competing over a decade. This article is not based on PC vs. Console. This article is all about “why gaming on PC is better than console gaming?”

There are several explanations that show why gaming on PC is better? 

Well, it's already proven that the mouse and keyboard are more accurate than gaming consoles, quick movement, fast weapon switching. You can easily customize your game controls on PC but key customizing on a console is not an easy task and also a bit confusing especially for new gamers. Keyboards have more keys than a gaming console and more keys mean more options for customization. Still, there are many gamers who think that gaming on a PC is harder than gaming on PlayStation and Xbox

Better Graphics
In PC gaming, games can run at higher graphics settings and smooth frame rates because computers run superior hardware than compared to the consoles. Gaming PCs have better cooling functions than consoles like PS4 and Xbox. There is almost no limitation on PC hardware. You can customize your PC according to your need but if you are on a console gaming platform then you can’t customize your hardware. But, better graphics and smoother gameplay are available only if you’re willing to pay a higher price because PC gaming is more expensive.

Easy Streaming and Multi-tasking
There are many websites available which allow gamers to earn money by streaming their gameplay. Streaming gameplay is becoming very popular these days because of social media, even non-gamers watch live game streams for entertainment. Game stream encourages game lovers to enter the gaming industry as a professional gamer to gain money and popularity. 
Streaming game live is better in PC than console gaming because PC has powerful hardware which allows better multi-tasking, multitasking on PlayStation or Xbox is not as smooth as computers. Live streaming is possible on the latest PlayStation and Xbox but still, live streaming is not good as it should be to attract professional gamers. That’s why most of the live streamers play games on PC.

Game Price
PC games are less expensive than console games, offers and discounts are always better on PC games. PC gamers aren’t stuck on current generation games, PC has better backward compatibility which is very important for gamers because there are many old school games which are still quite popular among gamers and gamers love to play old legendary games. 

Better Players
PC gaming needs more technical skills that’s why usually online games on PC have more skilful players. This is because there are more professional gamers who prefer PCs over a console. Pro gamers like to play more challenging and skilful games that’s why they don’t like to play games on the console.

Easy Upgrade
System upgrade is very important for gamers but console gamers can’t really upgrade their hardware, actually, they don’t need to upgrade their hardware because the latest console can run almost every upcoming games for upcoming three years. But PC gamers can upgrade their PC for better graphics and better gameplay they can upgrade their whole gaming setup and that’s people think that PC gaming is expensive, it is true that PC gaming is expensive this is because gaming computers have superior hardware which is expensive and more flexible for upgrades.

Lots of works on the same device
Not just gaming, computers are capable of doing lots of works like typing, internet browsing, watching movies, audio-video editing, image editing etc. if anyone buys a console for gaming then he or she has to buy a personal computer for official work and other for other kinds of entertainment. That’s why it’s always beneficial to do gaming on a computer.

Gaming on a PC or Gaming on a console both have pros and cons, lots of people think console gaming is better which is perfectly fine. For some people, PC gaming is better than console gaming. 
PC gaming also has some cons like it is an expensive way for gaming, not easy to play games with a mouse and keyboard. 
Conole has its own benefits like easy gameplay, simply plug and play, less expensive than a gaming computer, no need to upgrade for any new hi-graphics games and proper gaming environment, these are some of the pros of the console gaming which is enough to attract many gamers.


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