Why Microsoft skipped Windows 9?

Why Microsoft skipped Windows 9

Maximum computer users are using the Microsoft Windows operating system. Windows users are eagerly waiting for the latest Windows updates and latest Windows version, Microsoft is very punctual and exited in revealing their new features. They regularly update their operating system and releases the newer versions of the operating system.
After Windows 8 Microsoft launched the latest version named Windows 10. Windows 10 became very popular among Windows users just after its launch. After Windows 8 there is Windows 10, what happened to Windows 9, why Microsoft skipped Windows 9, this question revolved in everyone’s mind but the truth is there is no official statement from the Microsoft that why the Microsoft skipped Windows 9. There is no big deal behind the naming of the Microsoft Windows yet people want to know why there is no Windows 9?
Even in 2020 after the 5 years of the Windows 10 release, lots of rumours are still there about why Microsoft skipped Windows 9. The reason why these rumours are still quite active around the globe is that there is no official clarification from Microsoft itself that why there is no Windows 9?
Maybe Microsoft skipped Windows 9 because of the following reasons. (These reasons aren’t official, the following reasons are simply based on personal research).

>  In future, Microsoft may launch Windows 9 as a special edition and sell it on a higher price.

> The Japanese consider number 9 to be unlucky number because it is similar to the Japanese
    the word for pain.

> The Microsoft wants to score 10 out of 10 in every aspect after Windows 10 launch.

> Microsoft may think that ten matches the number of people who will actually use it instead   
   of Windows XP

> Windows 10 sounds more modern and upgraded as Windows 8 did not become very popular.
   and Microsoft wanted to literally put some distance between the Windows 8 and its successor.

> Because Windows 7 ate Windows 9. (read it loud again)

Download Windows 9

Technically there is no Windows 9 but this internet has everything even Windows 9.
If you ever find any website that claims to provide you with the Microsoft Windows 9, then please stay away from it because obviously, it is nothing but a scam. If you really want to explore Windows 9 then you have to wait for the official release.

Windows 9 possible?

When it comes to technology, nothing is impossible. Yes or maybe, it is possible that the Microsoft would release a Windows with a name of Windows 9 and sell it as a special Windows with the higher price tag. Windows users are eagerly waiting for this because users think that Windows 9 is going to be different and more powerful. This is interesting to see how Microsoft will plane Windows 9 for the future.

Do we really need Windows 9?

Windows 10 is a successful operating system form the Microsoft and Windows 10 is good for every type of use. Right now we don’t really need any special kind of Windows though we need regular updates and more unique and useful feature in existing Windows. 

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