Top 5 BEST VR Headsets Under Rs. 5000 in India for 2023

The world is happily evolving toward the metaverse, and virtual reality is becoming increasingly popular. VR headsets are the best way to enjoy virtual or augmented reality. Using a VR headset, you can play games, watch 3D movies, and interact with other people.

A VR headset that provides an outstanding experience is pricey, however, there are a few VR headsets on the market that provide a very nice experience for as little as Rs. 5000.

Here’s the list of the top 5 best VR headsets under Rs. 5000 that provides an amazing experience.


Procus is an Indian brand that is well-known in its field. Built-in headphones with a 3.5mm connection are included with the Procus Pro. The PMMA lenses on this VR headset provide a wide field of vision. A touch button controller is a new feature of the Procus Pro headset that may be used to control the device without having to remove the headset. The Procus Pro VR headset delivers a complete experience thanks to its built-in headphones and game controllers.

Price: RS. 3199


WI Trance VR headsets come with several handy features, including built-in headphones, a volume controller, a built-in microphone for voice chat and calls, and a Bluetooth controller. The VR headset's build quality is pretty good. WI Trance is a great option for people seeking a VR headset, especially for gaming.

Price: RS. 5000


Procus ONE has the excellent build quality and is also quite comfortable to use. The 40 mm lens quality is also good for the budget, however, these VR headsets do not have a game controller or inbuilt headphones. These VR headsets are a fantastic choice for individuals looking to buy a VR headset for watching movies and videos. Touch button controls are available on the Procus ONE.

Price: RS. 2099


Cubane is a high-quality VR Headset device that allows you to play VR games, videos, and 3D movies from your smartphone. The game controller is also available with this VR but as optional. Cubane Elite X1 has a good build quality and is quite comfortable as well.

For casual content consumption, the Cubane Elite X1 is a good choice. It will satisfy the most basic requirement of a VR headset. Most of the time, the Cubane Elite X1 is not available on Flipkart or Amazon, so if you want to buy it, you should check whether it is available online or go for an offline purchase if possible.

Price: RS. 2999


Irusu Play VR Plus is the most complete mobile VR headset on the market, with cutting-edge design and specifications. It has a 40mm HD optical resin lens with Focal and IPD adjustments and a field of view of up to 110 degrees. This VR comes with a pair of high-quality headphones for a complete metaverse experience. There are also advanced touch buttons for triggering VR actions, as well as multifunctional buttons, volume controllers, and a microphone.

Thanks to the inbuilt surround sound headphones, the Irusu play VR plays is an excellent VR headset for watching movies and videos. However, if you want to play games in virtual reality, Irusu Play VR Plus is not a good choice because it does not support game controllers.

Price: RS. 2699

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