Is Battleground India Mobile is better than PUBG Mobile?


Is Battleground India Mobile is better than PUBG Mobile: BGMI and PUBG Mobile are really similar?

Battleground Mobile India is now available for download on the Google Play Store, early access (beta version) was released for a limited number of users on June 18th.

BGMI has yet to be released on iOS devices.

The Indian version of PUBG Mobile the Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) made Indian gamers super happy.

There are several new features in this Indian version of Battleground, yet it is still pretty similar to the original PUBG Mobile.

Let’s see in this article is Battleground India Mobile is better than PUBG Mobile? Shall we?

No outsiders

You can't switch servers in the new BGMI, and payers from outside India can't join matches.

This game is specifically designed for Indians, and you can only play with other Indians. While some players may be unhappy with this, the best thing is that in-game hacking and cheating may be decreased as a result of the absence of other country gamers.

Safe side by KRAFTON

When you first join a match, you are greeted by a long and obnoxious warning.

Previously, a short and pleasing welcome sound said "Welcome to PUBG Mobile," but now it says how this game has nothing to do with the real world and reminds you to take frequent breaks.

Now there is a new restriction for players under the age of 18, requiring children and teenagers to sign in using their parent's phone numbers. The game is also less aggressive now, with one finish instead of one kill displayed after you kill one of your opponents.

There is no blood in the BGMI, instead of red blood now there is green blood with a feather touch, you can customise the blood colour or the effects but you can’t make it red. Now in BGMI the in-app purchase is set to Rs. 7000 per day only.

These changes may make you uncomfortable playing this PUBG mobile version but these changes were necessary for India and for Indian players. Playing BGMI is now safe. (Or maybe not).


Sending data to China

There were reports that KRAFTON was transmitting user data to China servers when the beta version of Battleground India Mobile was released.

According to IGN India, KRAFTON, the parent company of BGMI, is transmitting user data to multiple China servers in Hong Kong and Beijing.

There was also a lot of additional information and rumours about China's involvement in BGMI.

Because TENCENT did not obey the new IT guidelines imposed by the Indian government, PUBG Mobile was banned in India, but this time KRAFTON is playing safe.

In its statement about sending data to China, KRAFTON stated that it was using several servers to give better gameplay and new features in the new battle royal and that it was not sending any data to the prohibited servers.

New Maps and vehicles 

Many features have been removed from BGMI, but many new ones have been introduced, such as maps, there are more maps in Battleground India Mobile.


BGMI currently includes 5 maps: Erangel, Livik, Miramar, Sanhok, and Karakin.

New vehicles are also added to BGMI.

BGMI for a low-end device

When it comes to storage, PUBG Mobile is a fairly large game.

Because FPS is so important in games like PUBG, a smartphone with a low processor and RAM suffered badly when playing PUBG mobile, but BGMI is now playable on low-end devices as well.

The size of Battleground Mobile India has shrunk to less than 1GB.

You may also manage in-app downloads to keep your game small and light on your device.


Although there are certain distinctions between Battleground Mobile India and PUBG Mobile, the two games are still similar.

Graphics, gameplay, and modes remain unchanged.

We can't say BGMI is not better than PUBG Mobile; it's simply a safer and more user-friendly version of PUBG Mobile tailored specifically for Indians.

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